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Divisional Blood Donation Campaign 2015

The Blood Donation Campaign took place in Porativu pattu Divisional Secretariat with the Coordination of Batticaloa Teaching Hospital on 2015.05.06.


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Provision of Nutritious Food pack for Pregnant women - 100 Days Programme

The Provision of Food packs for the Pregnant ladies in Porativu pattu Division, under the 100 Days Programme was initially started today (2015.04.10) in the Divisional Secretariat of Porativu pattu. The food pack worth of Rs.20000.00 will be provided for the pregnants with the sponsorship of Ministry of Children's affairs.

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Rally for women's Day

Internationl women’s Day on 2015.03.08 is celebrated with the theme of “the best country for women”. A rally was held in Porativu pattu Division for the celebration of Women’s Day with the coordination of Ministry of Child Development & Women’s affairs & Divineguma Department on 2015.03.13 at 9.00 a.m.


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Meeting under the 100 Days workplan of Government


A meeting under the 100 Days workplan of Government was held on 2015.03.12 at 2.45 pm in the auditorium f DSPP. The Divisional secretary chaired this meeting.. Additional Divisional Secretary, Additional Deputy Director of Planning, Accountant, Administrative officer, Religious leaders, Cultural Development Officers, Rural Development Association members, & Grama Niladaries also participated in this.

The things discussed in the meeting are, The need of participation of religious leaders in teaching the religious subjects in sunday schools, building unity between the religions by forming divisional associations, and the ways to abort insulting the religious leaders.