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"Our Vision"

"To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society"

"Our Mission"

"To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"



Porathivu Pattu Divisional Secretariat Division is situated in the south western part of the Batticaloa District. Its boundaries are

North - Paddipalai Divisional Secretariat Division

East    - Manmunai south Eruvil Pattu Divisional Secretariat Division

South - Navithanvely Divisional Secretariat Division (Amparai)

West - Uhana Divisional Secretariat Division (Amparai)

The Porathivu pattu Divisional Secretariat  Division consists of 43 G.N divisions. It has an extent of 180 Sq.Km. Its Population is 46863 and consists of 12883 families. 22816 males and 24047 female live it. The majority of its Population is Tamil and the minority is Sinhalese. The main occupation of its People is agriculture, cattle rearing, Fishing, Cottage and self employment are also found here.

Most of the People follow Hinduism. And less amount follow Christianity and Buddhism. Numbers of Hindu temples are found here. The famous temples are mandur kandasuwamy temple and the Porathivu pathra kali Amman temple.

The Porathivu Pattu area was badly affected by war and it were resettled twice. During the period from 1990 to 2007 the People were displaced from here, temporary settled in various some other Places for a period of time and later were resettled here, and enough infrastructure facilities have not yet been completed for theses peoples yet. Wild elephants affects also continuously takes place in this area from the resettlement.

Two major irrigation networks found here. They are Navagiri and Thumpenkerny.  Be sides ten small tanks of the Provincial council and more than 100 small pools are found here. Even though it is unavoidable, there is deart of drinking water in more than 15 G.N Divisions during the drought period and condition sour and saline.  Though this area has a large extant of land Resources hut people are unfortunate to do even the home gardening.

Since the division is very remote, and was in the abnormal condition due to the past war situation the telecommunication facilities.  The electric facilities are too not supplied to theses undeveloped border line So far. But on the other hand 33 schools are founded in this Division and to manage them education office established. They are all functioning well, to all the 43 G.N Divisions family welfare officers were appointed and to administrate them a medical officer of health office also established. Here central dispensaries and clinic center also function here to up lift the health condition of the people of Porathivu pattu.

To carry out the agriculture activities easily the vellavely D.S Division is divided into three zones named vellavely, mandur, and Palugamam. Agricultural Instructor and extension officers were appointed and agrarian services centers also formed to govern them. As a result the agriculture activities and administration going well.

The villages Palugamam, Mandur, Porugamam, Thampalwattai, Kovil Porathivu, Periya porathivu are adjacent to the Batticaloa lagoon. The lagoon fishing is done in these villages the fisheries inspector was too appointed at the D. S Division and he monitors the fishing activities. The cottages are brick, pot making, and coir related production.  It is also remarkable that the training in computer, carpentry, masonary are also carried out through vocational training authority and some other training by NGO’s.  In some area we can’t say that transport is operated regularly and smoothly in this D.S division. However there is a bus service is operated to the village’s Mandur, Thumpankerny, Palugamam, Vakkiella and Navagirinagar.

So present normal situation, the development activities are being carried out well and if the people share their talented skill for the development the the Divisional Secretariat area will definitely be in the path of growth.